Ломбардный бизнес. Теория и практика

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NEW! This book is intended for those professionally engaged in the Pawnshops, bank employees and investors.

It explores the historical aspects of the origin of pawnshops, the means by which their operations are regulated, shifts in popular attitudes towards this type of financial activity, and the principles of contemporary financial legislation in various countries.

Economics and financial management are described in the modern context. The book depicts certain mathematical models used to optimize operating parameters. The author has paid particular attention to the efficiency of the pawnshops, particularly in the case of new-pawnshop openings.

The book provides the first detailed description and classification of offences and abuses by the rank-and-file employees and managers of pawnshops, as well as an exploration of the creation of control systems that allow losses caused by unscrupulous personnel to be minimized.

The chapters devoted to marketing should also be of great interest to readers. Methods for the creation of management accounting systems are intended for pawnshop directors and owners alike.

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